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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Musiq Soulchild

Good Morning Rose Buds!!
I am feeling great this morning! On Monday My favorite contemporary artist Musiq Soulchild <~~~Linked to the New Album out. He Tweeted that his new album drops on May 3rd yay!!! Yes, indeed he has a new album on the way and guess what? His biggest fan hasnt heard a darn thing about it, I havent heard one song, because NY radio hasnt been playing it, and I wonder why? I am gonna try to see if I can find anything off the new joint just to get a feel for the album, but Musiq baby, im all over it like white on rice!!! You are one artist that I am running your music from the first album to the last. You can keep me singing from NJ to ATL on a road trip. Please Keep doing you and again. Early in the morning next Tuesday, its gonna be me you and itunes. UPDATE, I listened to the snipet of "Yes" the new single off the new Album, "Musiqinthemagiq", As your biggest fan let me just say that I LOVE IT!! Sounds like you took it back to Philly on us and I love that, if it aint broke dont fix it baby, but of course I havent heard the album yet. Note to Musiq, if you read this (and im going to try to get you to) my heart is kind of achy right now and I know Im gonna be singing to this album everyday....thanks!

The Answer is YES!

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