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Thursday, April 28, 2011

do you know how to love?

First of all, I think the best thing we can do for others is be good to ourselves. And we all could use a good lesson on that I guess, from losing weight, to watching our mouths.
But loving another, can you do it right? Or is whatever way you love supposed to be the right way to someone someday? Nah thats not the way were gonna think. An abuser's love will never be the right love for anyone right? So maybe we need to be conscious of the way in which we love someone. That doesnt mean mask up until ur sure you got em and then take the mask off and scare the shit out of em. No! Lets first try not to put the mask on, to ensure that we are being loved for who we really are.
Okay now, lets talk family. I for one, cant stomach it when a person starts telling me how they dont mess with their own fam. I mean I know people can be fucked up, but is it you holding on to whatever it is, that is keeping you from moving on? You have to forgive other peoples bullshit in order to move on. Im not saying you have to mess with them on any level. But the whole avoiding family functions because of a few bad apples in your family is not good. Now im no expert, I actually live very far away from most of my family, had we grown up together I know full well I would not be messin with some of them, but to the point where we never speak..nah. I can always find a use for a person in my life. Which brings me back to knowing how to love.

I have recently realized a very negative thing about myself. I am a user. Now I have my strong peoples in place. But outside of that circle I have friends and family that I will only call if I need them for something or other. Even if its just to make me feel better when im feeling low. I really dont mean no harm, I just wonder, is this the right way to love? Should I make sure to spread myself thinner in order to love extended friends and family right?
This is one blog post that I really need some comments on.
As for loving someone romantically, I cant beat myself up over all the messing up that I have done in this department. Im convinced I cant do it. But that may be due to not coming in contact with the right dude yet. All I know is that I can rock with anything that looks, smells and feels good to me...ya heard? But at the moment I am as single as a dollar bill. But when Mr. Right comes along, he is going to the luckiest man in the world. Nuff Said About Me!

To sum this post up,
I feel that loving is first liking. Look upon the subject that desires your love. Do you want to do it? Is it too demanding? Is it stressing you out? I feel like it should be effortless. Call me crazy but maybe this is why I am sitting here man-less. Nah I doubt that. But there are just somethings that you dont know for sure. I know Im all over the place today, Just make sure your love is on point and dont tolorate nothing less from the people loving you.

La Leek

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LoveGirl said...

i could go on and on about love an what its is supposed to be and what it actually is, but.. nobody wants my opinion..however i will say what you make it. however you perceive it, that is how you will achieve it. THE END!