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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hump Day~~~> U Can Be Sure I'll Give U What U Need!

Good Afternoon!
Yesterday was a rough one for me but I'm back now and better than ever! Before I get started I just want to send a BIG Shout to my home-girl iamdeemis On some real shit, I have the best friends ever!!!

Today I have a few topics that I'd like to touch on:

1. Karma: Hinduism & Buddhism The total effect of a person's actions and conduct during the successive phases of the person's existence, regarded as determining the person's destiny.

Be kind, thats all you gotta do. If you always come at another person from a place of love and respect, you might just be okay. 

B. Don't give up on Love if that's what you want! 
But yo! Don't compromise yourself in the process. Never give up nothing until you know, dont step out of your comfort zone until ur sure. You're being tested by GOD every single time. You still have to be "on" even when you meet "the one". Nuff said!! 

3. Infidelity: an act or instance of disloyalty.
Please understand, there is alot of this going around, we are doing it to ourselves!! You gotta do you at all times, and another nigga cannot get mad at that cause they should be doing them!!! Bang!!!

D. Being a Diva!!
To me being a Diva is the ability to stay fly and rise above the bullshit!! Nobody is perfect, not even you Diva!! LMAO!! Accomplish some goals and Make your mark on the world thru your kids or one your own, but just do it!!

5. The Low Stress Diet.
Its Damn near May 2011, and for the rest of the year this is going to be my new thing!!! My system cannot process the bullshit. Im on a no stress diet, for me that means that I cannot add a new person into my life at all, only regulars can play in the no stress environment. And it also means, Im not doing a damn thing that I dont want to. Now you all know that I am going to be bloggin all summer! You will be able to detect anything that I'm going thru. Yall need to do the same too!!

F.And last but not least, Its swim suit season
And I just wanted to share with you all which ones im feelin right now. Their all by Monif C, She is the bomb and I truly hope to work with her someday. I have a challenge for her!!!

But the one that I love isnt pictured above, this is the award winner in my opinion,
If there's a fly ass big girl in your life, direct her to WWW.MONIFC.COM, as a matter of fact she should be ashamed of herself if she didnt already know about monif.....stop being wack all ur life.


Avon's "Nailware" nail color is worth whatever their charging for it over there, I have had this polish on for a week, now is when I usually have chipped polish, especially since I took a weave out with this polish on. Love it!!!  Here's a pic!

 And Im about to switch to blue polish today, so stay tuned for tomorrow's pics.

Here's another look at my nails and BTW, im having a great hair day, which will also be depicted below, 



ryeya said...

If you ever need more Avon polish let me know I keep that on hand. Colors now I got are Deluxe Chocolate,Night Violet,Real Red,Pale Gold,& Gun Metal Bronze

La Leek said...

How can I get in touch? and how did u hear about my blog? Please leave ur info!

LoveGirl said...

love love love monif c.!