Beauty Beyond the Ass

Monday, September 19, 2011

This is the biggest challenge of my life!

And its also a life long challenge! Please pray for my success. And I will work hard to complete it successfully. Could this be the cure to what ails me? Stay tuned to my blog posts to check out my raw vegan progress and read my previous posts and subscribe!!!
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New Dawn, New Day, New Me!!!!

Well the blogger is back!!! And today begins my blogging about my raw vegan journey. today am going to begin this journey and anything that I have to report on this will be placed in this blog  this is coming from a black female who is about 60 pounds over weight, 36 and a diabetic. in an effort to save my own life and have a much better quality of life is the reason I'm going thru with this. am also giving up cigarettes, weed, and alcohol. To all that will follow me on this journey, I want you to know that I am totally new to this, I do not have a juicer (although I'm getting one) and I don't have a kitchen full of prepared vegan dishes. I am only armed with the internet as a tool and a resource. I will however blog everyday  love yall and please give feedback as often and u like and subscribe!!!!