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Friday, April 29, 2011

Lets Talk Hair!

Good Morning To the Grown And Sexy!!!

Well if you've seen my pics you know that I have short natural hair. I did my latest big chop on Sept 1st, but I have been doing alot of cutting because I've been doing alot of coloring. This summer Im gonna let my hair grow, only cutting every 8 weeks or so and Im gonna color it one time before summer.

Products that I use.... V05 conditioners, you know the ones that are 99cents at walmart? This product is what I use to wash my hair. And also de-tangle my hair. I dont use shampoo on my hair at all. I am very satisfied at how my hair is now.
Hair Skin and Nails Pills
I swear by hair skin and nails pills. For me just about any kind works. There are some that alot of ladies on you-tube rave about but I just went into my local health food store and got a bottle for about $20. They are working great. I dont however like the pills that you have to take more than once in a day, these pills are really big who the hell wants to have to keep up with that?
Depending on the type of hair that you have and if your hair is natural, you may need a heavier moisturizer. Me, I can use the heavy stuff because I like to weigh my hair down. I actually love the pink oils moisturizers and also Jamaican mango and limes island oil. I know that oil is for locks but its very soothing to the scalp and healing to hair and scalp. I am not being paid to say anything about any products so this is why im going easy on the name dropping and im not showing any pics. Im just telling you guys what I like to use.

Later today, I will post about some fashion finds that are must haves for me this summer. Poof!!! As you were!!

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