Beauty Beyond the Ass

Monday, May 23, 2011

Be Still

So much shit has happened since I last posted!! Lets see. I started a new fitness plan. Eating raw (love it). May 21st D day has past...yay!!! Im still on my celibacy grind...NICE!!! And I met a new person (not a love interest). I am currently reading a very good book that Im sure is going to change my life in some way. And oh yeah, I havent been keeping up on any of my shows.....dang it!!! But the most fantastic news of all is that I am BACK!!! I will be blogging everyday from now on. I have developed a life plan (new) and I will take the time to "be still" and do all the things that I need to do plus!!! Write out some things to my readers everyday. Everybody stay up and I will have some new things on tomorrow morning. Peace!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Beautiful skies!!

Over the past few weeks my town has been in the news for shooting. All of these shooting have been occurring very close to my home. I do have children and my children love to play outside. Fortunately we have a huge back yard and we live in the middle of the block so basically these beautiful skie don't have to go unenjoyed.

Well a few days ago I was standing at my kitchen sink and I could see my boys outside playing in the back yard of a church a few doors down from my house. The church is on the corner, so I began to think what is someone starts shooting? And bullets go flying? One of my children could be hurt, so I called the boys inside.

I really never thought that I would be afraid for my kids in my neighborhood. In an effort to try to stop the violence on May 28th there will be a festival in my town, Plainfield, NJ. I have got to be honest, I dont know how this festival is supposed to get this done but I am willing to do whatever I can to help out.

Above are some lovely blue skies from in front of my house.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ladies Listen Up!!!

Hey Ladies!! Im having a pretty good day so far. Last night I was on Facebook and one of my male friends said "What happen to classy women? Now all I meet & see is these hood rats. Real women I need y'all to make a stand on "nothing ass hoes". That's why niggas ain't shit cause we don't know what a real woman look like anymore."

Guess what? I totally agree, and that is partly what this blog is named for. I'm not sleeping with you unless ur already my man. "NoAss"!!!
Without going all into my business, I have decided that there will be no more "no strings attached sex for me". Which is essentially what sleeping with a man that is not "your man" is. Even if he's not anyone else's man either.
I'm not having sex if you can leave my house and go sleep with another chick and I have nothing to say about it.
Men and women alike complain about what they want and how its not out there. I say that by the way you carry yourself and the way you behave you will attract a certain type of person all the time. And if for example you would like to meet more professional men, I guess you have to give off that professional vibe. If you dont get nothing but men who just want to sleep with you. Maybe you are putting that vibe out there. You cant keep reading a brotha his rights for trying to treat you like a bitch who is just gonna fuck him like that (snapping my fingers) if this is indeed the vibe ur giving off. Its not his fault, if all the women that he talks to sleep with him quickly. He thinks ur her. Is he worth you showing him that you are not a ho? Who cares? Are you willing to show yourself that you are worth and deserve more? That is the real question.

Ladies he doesnt need to see how it is to sleep with you in order to know if he wants you. I cant tell none of yall what to do but I feel we need to hold on to our sex until were sure.....that is if this is what you want.

If you see nothing wrong with sleeping with men without commitment, then do you!! Im talkin to the Ladies that desire more than the toying that we let men do to us at times.

Not trying to be holier than thou. Just trying to be brand new. Trying to reverse the affects that loveless and emotionless sex has had on my life. Now with that being said Poof!! As u were!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Frank Ocean,

Okay Good morning all, I just wanted to put this out right quick.
I am not a music blogger, but I am a music lover!! And I am going to let yall know when I come across some hot shit. So if I aint never gave yall no usefull info yet, Im giving it to yall today. It is a MUST that you try to get whatever you can get by Frank Ocean. <~~~~ Linked to his twitter page.  The first time I heard anything from him was around March 20th, give or take a day. I was picking my kids up from school and Hot 97 (New York Radio) played new music, his song "Novacane". The beat is hot, you definately need that bumpin in your car when the weather gets hot and the asses come out. Its really something to bounce to. The lyrics are grown, sexy, and club banger ready. Shit for all I know, its already a banger. Cause my ass has not been up in the club. Ladies, I dont know what this man looks like but he sounds like he looks good as hell. Of course this brings me to the voice. Personally. I love a new artist with a voice. A catchy tune will make you bounce but a smooth voice is what makes you fall in love and makes you follow a nigga. And that is what I did today, I followed him on twitter!!!

Anyway, after hearing "Novacane" only once, I remembered it, and started talking to my friends about it. And I started searching the web and found a mixtape. Why did I do that?? Oh yeah cause im lucky as hell!!! He has a mixtape out called "Nostalgia/Ultra". I cant tell you where to get it...sorry. (I dont remember where I got it). But if you'd like a lil it go!

How can I describe this feeling? Swagg-o-matic? This dude sounds like Steve Arrington (old head alert)!! Steve Arrington is the lead singer of the group Slave from the late 70's early 80's. Google it!!!
Now this is who he sounds like to me somewhat. I dont want to put him in a box tho cause when listening to this mixtape, im getting Prince, Steve Arrington and I guess....Frank Ocean. All in all, I have some favorites on the mixtape. Imma give yall some names at the end of this. Anyway, Im not sure how he will tweak some of the lyrics to be fitting for radio, but once they get it, ....well lets just say I hope it stays hott!!!

Lastly, I just want to say, Good job to Frank Ocean and his camp, cause Im positive that this is going to catch on. If it doesnt ......well everybody can be fly and know what fly like us right?


My fav tracks on the mixtape:

We all try
***songs for women*** (my absolute fav)
there will be tears
**swim good
*nature feels*
So there yall have it, and no this is not a complete track list these are the ones that I love, guess which one I think will be on mainstream next??  Peace! (for real this time)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Musiq

Well, I have to say that I have grown to love Tuesdays so much because today is the day that albums drop (for the most part). So, im going to give my thoughts on the new music that i care about. Musiq Soulchild MusiqInTheMagiq. First of all, his voice is fantastic. Now for my musical taste, tracks 5, on down are bangers, my favorite so far "be friends". It tells a familiar story for me, ill be back later with more on new music!

Right now im testing the email feature for posting to my blog. Hope it works, PEACE!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Space Invaders <~~~~~~~VENTING!

Hello Ladies, Gentlemen and Low Lifes!!! Somebody please tell me why men who just met you want to plan to get to know you by coming to your home with liquor??? Is this some new shit that I am in the dark on?

This is my home, I am a mother, you cannot come here!!! You might be cool but we need to get to know each other somewhere out side of either of our homes, for many reasons.
1. Im not sleeping with you. 
2. You dont need to see how im living just yet.
3. I dont need to see how ur living either boo.
4. I dont need the temptation so NO COUCHES!
5. Is that really appropriate?

For me its not about you taking me out! But you need to think of some other clever way to get to know me.

Here are some great date ideas, 

Car show
Ball game
comedy club

Just don't try to come to my home to build with me from the rip, give it a minute.