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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hott things to get into this summer con't


Sounds of the City
This free outdoor music series heats up NJPAC’s Theater Square on Thursday evenings all summer long. Music on each date will begin at approximately 5:00pm and conclude at 9:45pm. Each evening, three different groups entertain concert-goers from around the region, all of whom made NJPAC “the place to be on Thursdays” when this summer series was introduced over a decade ago.



2 - Patti Austin 8 pm and 10:30 pm
18 - Chaka kahn 8pm and 10:30pm
24 - Roberta Flack 8pm and 10:30pm
25 - Nancy Wilson 8pm

23 - Rasaan Patterson 8pm
29 - Morris Day and the Time 8pm and 10:30pm

19 - Ginuwine 8PM

*****Please note, BB Kings is always adding shows and changing shows, to be sure of dates, check back at their calendar at **

BB kings shows start at just $20

Madame Tussauds New York

Bring your family out for a day of fun in the city right at Times Square!!! the prices aren't too bad and you can also go to Dave and Busters right after!!! Go for it because gas prices are HIGH it will be great for us all to keep it cheap or free99!!

*****This list was compiled by me for my readers to enjoy their summer and I will see some of you at these events, Events around the country coming soon******

Friday, April 29, 2011

A List of Hott Summer Events That Wont Break Your Pockets!! See U There!!

If you wanna be where I are, stop wishin on a up to these events! Leh Go!!!

Summer is nearing real quick and I just wanna give my readers some ideas of things to do this summer so we can all have a great summer and stop being Wack!!! LMAO!

This list is for my NYC tri-state area peoples!!! I will have one coming for other states cause this summer we are gonna travel domestically. Here it is!!!


When: Tuesday, June 7, 2011 at 7:00PM

This event is free so get there early!!! I know im going!!!!


When: Wednesday, June 8, 2011 at 7:00PM

Special Ed
Free, free, free!!!


When: Tuesday, June 14, 2011 at 7:00PM

Tye Tribbett


When: Wednesday, June 15, 2011 at 7:00PM

Nice and Smooth / The Awesome 2
Oh yeah its going down and I will have my face in the place for these, week days or weekends Im rolling cause their all free!!!
More Concerts at the main stage CENTRAL PARK


When: Sunday, August 21, 2011 at 3:00PM

Rakim / EPMD / FunkMaster Flex


When: Sunday, August 28, 2011 at 3:00PM

Jagged Edge / Avant / Melanie Fiona


Lets Talk Hair!

Good Morning To the Grown And Sexy!!!

Well if you've seen my pics you know that I have short natural hair. I did my latest big chop on Sept 1st, but I have been doing alot of cutting because I've been doing alot of coloring. This summer Im gonna let my hair grow, only cutting every 8 weeks or so and Im gonna color it one time before summer.

Products that I use.... V05 conditioners, you know the ones that are 99cents at walmart? This product is what I use to wash my hair. And also de-tangle my hair. I dont use shampoo on my hair at all. I am very satisfied at how my hair is now.
Hair Skin and Nails Pills
I swear by hair skin and nails pills. For me just about any kind works. There are some that alot of ladies on you-tube rave about but I just went into my local health food store and got a bottle for about $20. They are working great. I dont however like the pills that you have to take more than once in a day, these pills are really big who the hell wants to have to keep up with that?
Depending on the type of hair that you have and if your hair is natural, you may need a heavier moisturizer. Me, I can use the heavy stuff because I like to weigh my hair down. I actually love the pink oils moisturizers and also Jamaican mango and limes island oil. I know that oil is for locks but its very soothing to the scalp and healing to hair and scalp. I am not being paid to say anything about any products so this is why im going easy on the name dropping and im not showing any pics. Im just telling you guys what I like to use.

Later today, I will post about some fashion finds that are must haves for me this summer. Poof!!! As you were!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

do you know how to love?

First of all, I think the best thing we can do for others is be good to ourselves. And we all could use a good lesson on that I guess, from losing weight, to watching our mouths.
But loving another, can you do it right? Or is whatever way you love supposed to be the right way to someone someday? Nah thats not the way were gonna think. An abuser's love will never be the right love for anyone right? So maybe we need to be conscious of the way in which we love someone. That doesnt mean mask up until ur sure you got em and then take the mask off and scare the shit out of em. No! Lets first try not to put the mask on, to ensure that we are being loved for who we really are.
Okay now, lets talk family. I for one, cant stomach it when a person starts telling me how they dont mess with their own fam. I mean I know people can be fucked up, but is it you holding on to whatever it is, that is keeping you from moving on? You have to forgive other peoples bullshit in order to move on. Im not saying you have to mess with them on any level. But the whole avoiding family functions because of a few bad apples in your family is not good. Now im no expert, I actually live very far away from most of my family, had we grown up together I know full well I would not be messin with some of them, but to the point where we never speak..nah. I can always find a use for a person in my life. Which brings me back to knowing how to love.

I have recently realized a very negative thing about myself. I am a user. Now I have my strong peoples in place. But outside of that circle I have friends and family that I will only call if I need them for something or other. Even if its just to make me feel better when im feeling low. I really dont mean no harm, I just wonder, is this the right way to love? Should I make sure to spread myself thinner in order to love extended friends and family right?
This is one blog post that I really need some comments on.
As for loving someone romantically, I cant beat myself up over all the messing up that I have done in this department. Im convinced I cant do it. But that may be due to not coming in contact with the right dude yet. All I know is that I can rock with anything that looks, smells and feels good to me...ya heard? But at the moment I am as single as a dollar bill. But when Mr. Right comes along, he is going to the luckiest man in the world. Nuff Said About Me!

To sum this post up,
I feel that loving is first liking. Look upon the subject that desires your love. Do you want to do it? Is it too demanding? Is it stressing you out? I feel like it should be effortless. Call me crazy but maybe this is why I am sitting here man-less. Nah I doubt that. But there are just somethings that you dont know for sure. I know Im all over the place today, Just make sure your love is on point and dont tolorate nothing less from the people loving you.

La Leek

Musiq Soulchild

Good Morning Rose Buds!!
I am feeling great this morning! On Monday My favorite contemporary artist Musiq Soulchild <~~~Linked to the New Album out. He Tweeted that his new album drops on May 3rd yay!!! Yes, indeed he has a new album on the way and guess what? His biggest fan hasnt heard a darn thing about it, I havent heard one song, because NY radio hasnt been playing it, and I wonder why? I am gonna try to see if I can find anything off the new joint just to get a feel for the album, but Musiq baby, im all over it like white on rice!!! You are one artist that I am running your music from the first album to the last. You can keep me singing from NJ to ATL on a road trip. Please Keep doing you and again. Early in the morning next Tuesday, its gonna be me you and itunes. UPDATE, I listened to the snipet of "Yes" the new single off the new Album, "Musiqinthemagiq", As your biggest fan let me just say that I LOVE IT!! Sounds like you took it back to Philly on us and I love that, if it aint broke dont fix it baby, but of course I havent heard the album yet. Note to Musiq, if you read this (and im going to try to get you to) my heart is kind of achy right now and I know Im gonna be singing to this album everyday....thanks!

The Answer is YES!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Its still kind of blue over here!

Hump Day~~~> U Can Be Sure I'll Give U What U Need!

Good Afternoon!
Yesterday was a rough one for me but I'm back now and better than ever! Before I get started I just want to send a BIG Shout to my home-girl iamdeemis On some real shit, I have the best friends ever!!!

Today I have a few topics that I'd like to touch on:

1. Karma: Hinduism & Buddhism The total effect of a person's actions and conduct during the successive phases of the person's existence, regarded as determining the person's destiny.

Be kind, thats all you gotta do. If you always come at another person from a place of love and respect, you might just be okay. 

B. Don't give up on Love if that's what you want! 
But yo! Don't compromise yourself in the process. Never give up nothing until you know, dont step out of your comfort zone until ur sure. You're being tested by GOD every single time. You still have to be "on" even when you meet "the one". Nuff said!! 

3. Infidelity: an act or instance of disloyalty.
Please understand, there is alot of this going around, we are doing it to ourselves!! You gotta do you at all times, and another nigga cannot get mad at that cause they should be doing them!!! Bang!!!

D. Being a Diva!!
To me being a Diva is the ability to stay fly and rise above the bullshit!! Nobody is perfect, not even you Diva!! LMAO!! Accomplish some goals and Make your mark on the world thru your kids or one your own, but just do it!!

5. The Low Stress Diet.
Its Damn near May 2011, and for the rest of the year this is going to be my new thing!!! My system cannot process the bullshit. Im on a no stress diet, for me that means that I cannot add a new person into my life at all, only regulars can play in the no stress environment. And it also means, Im not doing a damn thing that I dont want to. Now you all know that I am going to be bloggin all summer! You will be able to detect anything that I'm going thru. Yall need to do the same too!!

F.And last but not least, Its swim suit season
And I just wanted to share with you all which ones im feelin right now. Their all by Monif C, She is the bomb and I truly hope to work with her someday. I have a challenge for her!!!

But the one that I love isnt pictured above, this is the award winner in my opinion,
If there's a fly ass big girl in your life, direct her to WWW.MONIFC.COM, as a matter of fact she should be ashamed of herself if she didnt already know about monif.....stop being wack all ur life.


Avon's "Nailware" nail color is worth whatever their charging for it over there, I have had this polish on for a week, now is when I usually have chipped polish, especially since I took a weave out with this polish on. Love it!!!  Here's a pic!

 And Im about to switch to blue polish today, so stay tuned for tomorrow's pics.

Here's another look at my nails and BTW, im having a great hair day, which will also be depicted below, 


$39 -- Hip Midtown Rooftop: Drinks & Apps for 2, Reg. $102

$39 -- Hip Midtown Rooftop: Drinks & Apps for 2, Reg. $102

The end of Tuesday's BLUES - These two chicks.....

Here is a video of my keyboard while im talking with "iamdeemis" about some bullshit that had recently gone on in my life. This is the last of the rants!!! "iamdeemis" and I have better shit to do at this point. LOL

Listen carefully, this conversation is about a person and their flaws that they cant do nothing about. BE SURE TO PUT MY MUSIC PLAYER ON PAUSE SO THAT YOU CAN HEAR US IN THIS VIDEO!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dealing just to deal is a crime!

Lets go little kitty kat! Thats the shit im on this afternoon. On to the next! One piece of advice to my readers! Never settle!! If you settle it will be your fault when the one you settle for turns out to be shallow, superficial, and just plain unappreciative of who you are or could be in their life. Kick rocks!!!

Dating in your 30's is hard enough without people acting like they like you when they really dont. Dont experiment with other peoples lives, if you like something in women that I lack, keep it moving!! Now back to my regularly scheduled bullshit!

Memphis Bleek - Do My... ft. Jay-Z

Lets address the name of the blog....shall we???

This blog is called The No Ass Chronicles because the woman behind this blog (ME) Is lacking in the ass department and also she is not giving up "NO ASS".

I started this blog with this crazy name to see how much attention it gets! So far, its getting alot of attention so I will continue to go HAM to see how we do. 

Anyway I love myself the way god made me, Now does that mean i'd like to lose some weight...sure, but I dont wanna add anything on. Im good just the way I am. I love me, and that is why I dont have sex. because I need to be absolutely sure about a person before I do. So this is "THE NO ASS CHRONICLES" ALL THE WAY AROUND, PEACE!!! - Heartbreaker ft. Cheryl Cole

Monday, April 25, 2011


Afternoon Gun Clappas!!!! Im back!!!!!

As you can probably tell, I been listening to old school hip hop, early 90's my era. I want to give a shout to SadatX for following me on twitter, especially since I aint been sayin shit. I really need to post the pic that I took with him. We was both lookin crazy. But I still wanna get wit that nigga!!!

Anyway I would like to talk about one thing and that is MOB WIVES. Carla, ur not interesting enough, get some drama or get off the damn show.  Karen, ur ghetto as hell boo!!! And is ur little girl mixed???? That might be the real reason that Renee aint fuckin wit you. lmao!!! Sike, get it together okay? We all know daddy had a stash. Get yours and keep it movin. And oh ur couzzo is right, a book is only gonna bring drama in ur life, I say dont do it. But whats to stop you from gettin that paper? Shit this is what were all faced wit so do you. Renee, Im coming from a place of love when I say this, stop being a drama queen! Stop dwelling on the past and lose that weight you put on with AJ damn near 20 years ago!! And stop sweating Jr.! You dont need his ass to raise ur damn son the right way, sure he needs his dad, but he is practically grown and you need to be gearing up to be Renee the single chick with a past to be reckoned with that dont take no shit and gets hers!!!! Think about what im saying Renee, im gonna tag this blog post right to you on twitter cause I cant wit you. Get as far away from the 80's as you can boo, Start living the life you created, you been living the life the mob created all ur life, I know thats not you. And boo boo, dont you EVER wear that fur vest again until you lose at least 50 pounds, That was not a good look!! How many times do I have to tell yall, just because it costs alot dont mean its fly or its gonna be fly on you!!! 
Now I saved the best for last Drita Drita Drita!!! You played yourself something awful when you married Lee! Thats right I said it!!, You played yourself!!! Now you got this loser callin you all out your name from behind bars on TV. Fuck Lee!!! Thats right I said that too.  There comes a time in every womans life where if she aint never took charge before, she need to take charge. You all tough, but baby you need to be tough enough to love Drita!!! Nuff said boo!

Okay I just wanna put up a lil disclaimer. I dont know none of the mobsters that I was just speaking of. This is a blog where I give my opinion. I dont want no work! Thank you!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Boston Celtics!!

They took the first round from the knicks like taking candy from a baby! No disrespect to the knicks, they played hard but baby they simply was not ready for the big time. And although I hated Rondo's kicks, they got the damn job done, after all everyone cant be as fly as Garnet and Pierce oh and my baby Ray Alan!!!

Poor Spike Lee created a monster!!!

Speaking of Spike, he has always been eccentric but damn!!! But big shout to him for supporting his team in such a way, love it!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

IMG-20110420-00094.jpg Good Morning from San Francisco on Twitpic

IMG-20110420-00094.jpg Good Morning from San Francisco on Twitpic

This is a pic the Deepak Chopra took this morning in San Fran. I love it! If I ever hit the Lottery, this is where I will be living. I may never have a man but I will be happy just the same.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Tuesday After......LOL!!

What's really goooo!!!! I purposely left the D off the goood, cause I'm feeling fantastic today. I named this post the Tuesday after cause today is the Tuesday after alot of shit, and I also have alot of shit to share.

Now lets see, My Nigga Kanyeezy!!! If you don't know me personally, then you don't know how much I love this nigga and I know full well that if this was high school, he and I would definitely run in the same crowd. I posted a youtube video today of his Coachella performance. With the hott ass HAM entrance. Kudos Kanye!!! Donda would be extremely proud!!!. As for him going in on Amber Rose at the end of Power.......Pssst!!
Kanye.....Fuck Amber, she's no longer fly as fuck like she was when she was with you, Wiz Kalifa (or whatever his name is) seems to be more her speed. Next thing you know she'll be preggers! Anyway......

Love and Hip Hop
Guys, I love this show because I'm from the boggie down and I'm a hip hop head. Jim Jones isn't one of my favorite artists (in the least) but RESPECT!! Anyway!!!! Honey the chicks are the ones who make the damn show. These are real women in terms of bodies and emotions. My favorite chick on the show is Emily, Fabalous' girlfriend/baby mama. She's pretty, she has a great career, and She's got a donk like no other. Her only issue is that she keeps crying over Fab. I cant Judge her cause I'm not feeling her pain. Now the chick Somaya on there is my second favorite. She's a hungry chick from LA, in NYC trying to break bread with Jim Jones and he fronted on her (on the show) like he's supposed to be some kind of stranger to fuckin with wack shit on a business level. That song "perfect day" is so wack, I'm mad that I even just mentioned it.
Anyway.... Jim Jones girlfriend Chrissy is cute, and she seems sort of mature but she hangs out with Olivia (formally of G-Unit) the chick on the record candy shop with 50 cent. That chick I don't like, she seems too fake and she proves that 50 was wise in kicking her to the curb.

Bad Girls Club
Okay when did they do away with the rule of, whoop ass, go home? I thought Diddy was the only one who let you whoop ass on his shows? Wilmarie, (a feisty Puerto Rican from NJ) has been straight whoopin ass on the show and its the same chick every time.......Nikki, the bulky bitch that everyone has been afraid of so she's been terrorizing the house but at this point she done fucked with the wrong one...roflmao!!!!
Char, is a punk, point blank period. I'm like 9 years older than this chick and if I was in the bad girls house I would have gotten more dick and gotten into more fights than this chick easy!!!!!! Go the hell home Char!!!!

Okay so....
Today is the Tuesday after I wrote the first poem that I wrote in years!!! Like to read it here it goooo!!!!

The Questions

Was u made to have, to hold, to kiss real slow?
To melt my soul wit the way ur words flow?
Or the way ur tongue roll to rock my boat?
Was u made to know ur role in my self control?
Made to take me there with our bodies bare? go wit u anywhere...
Made to grab my hand so I can overstand that U was really made 4 me?

(this poem has been copy written...don't bite)

Kanye West Coachella HAM intro - Dark Fantasy and Power

Monday, April 18, 2011

<~~~Here I am here. A lady with very strong features! I am blogging about whatever is on my mind for the most part and right now what on my mind is men and women. Why we choose to be alone rather than be in a relationship.

When were alone, we want a relationship and when were in a relationship we want to be alone. Right now I feel like I have a perfect situation I'm not in a relationship but I like someone, and we live 3 hours apart. Jealousy is not an option for us, were spending time together totally by choice and this is why i love that we live so far away. Anyway enough about my personal life for right now.
Lets talk about relationships in general. And why we go there with some folks and avoid going there with others.
For me, the physical is becoming less and less important. And I really think that's because I am getting older. So these days a man that is not that slim and may have other outstanding issues would be accepted by me. Now 10 years ago that wasn't the case in the physical realm. Physically a dude had to be next to perfect.

Which brings me to personality, A man has to have a great personality and we have to get along great in order for me to like him. If you don't like me as a person and think I'm fly as hell, we don't need to be talking about anything else, especially sex.

Once I have found a man with all the things that I like in a man, the only thing I'm worried about is him liking me. Of course I am a wonderful woman, but I might have too little ass, too many kids and too many pounds to lose for certain men. If you notice I only mentioned one thing that wasn't physical. This is because I believe that with men, they just want to find the prettiest girl that isn't crazy, everything else they will work with. Fellas correct me if I'm wrong.

And then you have the non-negotiable stuff, for instance he cant eat pork or smoke cigs or have too many children and he must be employed and be ambitious.

I personally think that we avoid relationships with certain people because he/she isn't the one that we WANT!!!! So why do we waste our time at all? Please post comments!!!

Today I'm going to post a question on twitter to see what answers I get. Here is the question: What is the deciding factor for you to say yes to a relationship? I will be back with answers, Peace!!!