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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Space Invaders <~~~~~~~VENTING!

Hello Ladies, Gentlemen and Low Lifes!!! Somebody please tell me why men who just met you want to plan to get to know you by coming to your home with liquor??? Is this some new shit that I am in the dark on?

This is my home, I am a mother, you cannot come here!!! You might be cool but we need to get to know each other somewhere out side of either of our homes, for many reasons.
1. Im not sleeping with you. 
2. You dont need to see how im living just yet.
3. I dont need to see how ur living either boo.
4. I dont need the temptation so NO COUCHES!
5. Is that really appropriate?

For me its not about you taking me out! But you need to think of some other clever way to get to know me.

Here are some great date ideas, 

Car show
Ball game
comedy club

Just don't try to come to my home to build with me from the rip, give it a minute. 

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Anonymous said...

I hear you! However, not knowing about his living situation can be nothing but trouble. Suppose he have a wife at home and he want to parley all up in yours. Anyway, lunch is always a good date too.!