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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ladies Listen Up!!!

Hey Ladies!! Im having a pretty good day so far. Last night I was on Facebook and one of my male friends said "What happen to classy women? Now all I meet & see is these hood rats. Real women I need y'all to make a stand on "nothing ass hoes". That's why niggas ain't shit cause we don't know what a real woman look like anymore."

Guess what? I totally agree, and that is partly what this blog is named for. I'm not sleeping with you unless ur already my man. "NoAss"!!!
Without going all into my business, I have decided that there will be no more "no strings attached sex for me". Which is essentially what sleeping with a man that is not "your man" is. Even if he's not anyone else's man either.
I'm not having sex if you can leave my house and go sleep with another chick and I have nothing to say about it.
Men and women alike complain about what they want and how its not out there. I say that by the way you carry yourself and the way you behave you will attract a certain type of person all the time. And if for example you would like to meet more professional men, I guess you have to give off that professional vibe. If you dont get nothing but men who just want to sleep with you. Maybe you are putting that vibe out there. You cant keep reading a brotha his rights for trying to treat you like a bitch who is just gonna fuck him like that (snapping my fingers) if this is indeed the vibe ur giving off. Its not his fault, if all the women that he talks to sleep with him quickly. He thinks ur her. Is he worth you showing him that you are not a ho? Who cares? Are you willing to show yourself that you are worth and deserve more? That is the real question.

Ladies he doesnt need to see how it is to sleep with you in order to know if he wants you. I cant tell none of yall what to do but I feel we need to hold on to our sex until were sure.....that is if this is what you want.

If you see nothing wrong with sleeping with men without commitment, then do you!! Im talkin to the Ladies that desire more than the toying that we let men do to us at times.

Not trying to be holier than thou. Just trying to be brand new. Trying to reverse the affects that loveless and emotionless sex has had on my life. Now with that being said Poof!! As u were!!

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