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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Beautiful skies!!

Over the past few weeks my town has been in the news for shooting. All of these shooting have been occurring very close to my home. I do have children and my children love to play outside. Fortunately we have a huge back yard and we live in the middle of the block so basically these beautiful skie don't have to go unenjoyed.

Well a few days ago I was standing at my kitchen sink and I could see my boys outside playing in the back yard of a church a few doors down from my house. The church is on the corner, so I began to think what is someone starts shooting? And bullets go flying? One of my children could be hurt, so I called the boys inside.

I really never thought that I would be afraid for my kids in my neighborhood. In an effort to try to stop the violence on May 28th there will be a festival in my town, Plainfield, NJ. I have got to be honest, I dont know how this festival is supposed to get this done but I am willing to do whatever I can to help out.

Above are some lovely blue skies from in front of my house.

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