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Monday, December 12, 2011

Scorpio's Horoscope for today, broken down by me!! LOL

Much attention appears to be focused on a certain person. You appear to want some of that attention focused on you. As much as you recognized  reasons why someone's well-being and needs are important, you too have needs that are far from being met and would like one or two people to be aware of this. The truth is you are surrounded by love and support, perhaps more than youre aware of or are willing to ask for. You arent facing a tense situation alone.
Woooow!!!! This is a good one because its so damn true. I would like to act like a baby sometimes and pout until I get my damn way. Can that happen? Anyway, this one is pretty self explanitory. I want attention. And its just as well because I fucking deserve it like so damn much. I am willing to give it too. So that says something great about me huh? Anyway, all the scorpios, please enjoy!

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