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Monday, December 12, 2011

Random Thought: A good thing

Now yall know im always here to put shit into prospective for yall. I guess most of us feel like we are a good thing or we feel like we have a good thing or we feel like we want a good thing. And we all know that our good thing may not be anyone else's good thing.
I recently found a damn good thing and now I want to posess this thing. But can I? See we are talking about a person here. Can a person ever really be ours if we did not birth them ourselves?
No lets go even deeper! Im a woman, am I supposed to be finding a man and trying to posess him. Or is this a mans role? I read alot of articles on this subject. And I have come to the conclusion that we make this shit alot more complicated than it really needs to be. If you want someone, let it be known. After that, if when you look up that person is there, that person feels that same about you. If a person knows you want them and they arent there next to you-------> With you is not where they want to be. And that is really all there is to it. Its simple.
As adults we have to try to make sure we are taking care of our business while also maintaining our wants and needs. So of course we have to try our hands at happiness. Its what we all want and for alot of us it drives us to do alot of things. I hope this article encourages everyone to get where they want to be and hold that spot down. Peace!

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