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Monday, December 12, 2011

Clothes!!! and More Clothes!!!

Why do I love clothes so much? Most of the time they dont even fit me right. But the ones that do, I love so much. So I have a fantastic idea. Why dont I design my own clothes?? And make them?? I know some of you are thinking to your selves, If she makes it, it would probably be real fly. Yes I agree, thats why its time to start thinking outside the box. And stop paying all this damn money for other people to make stuff for you that isnt even TAYLORED to you.
First stop! Dinner with my creative editor Deemis. Aka the lady with the sewing machine. We will design and create a top then show pics of it on the blog. It will be casual and cute for the MILF that aint worrying about being a MILF and the COUGAR that aint worrying about being a COUGAR. Stay tuned!!

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