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Monday, December 12, 2011

How to effectivly call a person on their bullshit.

Well folks, you first gotta get to where you can talk to a person. If their not calling you and you arent calling them this might not be something that you can do. Secondly, u cant be sad when doing this. Calling a person on their bullshit is no place for the "guilt trip". Be straight up! Let the person know what you're feeling and why it has anything to do with them. And hopefully they will be able to see that it doesnt sit too well with you.
Calling a person on their bullshit is a popular tactic but it definately isnt very effective for anyone but the party that is doing the calling. It makes you feel better inside knowing that your feelings are out there and in the mind of the person who made you feel this way. lol
Now last, be quick and to the point. Here is a good example, Your phone rings-----> Hello!------------>Yeah wassup ma? (A nigga acting like nothing ever happened)----------> Oh aint nuffin but im not really messin wit u right now----------------------->ahh here we go with the bullshit-------------->yeah here we go with me calling you on your bullshit. Listen dont call me and act like aint shit happen, you know we had a date and you never showed up. Look I dont see this going anywhere so lets sever ties today. Okay?
That was a simple example of how it goes, it could be simpler or more complicated. Just be calm and let em know. LMAO!!


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