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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Better that I post my opinionated blog about this show Late than Never. VH1 will stop at nothing to have the raunchiest, most unbelievably ghetto shit on TV as possible. And they will certainly not be beat. No class at all!!! It sort of reminds me of 90's talk shows like, "The Richard Bey Show". This show was where Jerry Springer got his ideas from. Fights breaking out left and right. People doing and saying the craziest things. And here we go again thanks to VH1.

This here is the shit you watch when you want to see how NOT  to be as a woman. There is nothing wrong with being beautiful in what ever way you see fit. But the acceptable womanizing and women trying to seem classy but no matter the amount of money they just cant achieve it. I just caint!!!!

Lets start with Mimi. I feel like why not aspire to be, do, and have more in life? Okay you're a mother. Oh im sorry, you're a rich mother. Since you are not a wife you need to start building things of your own for yourself. I'm trying to figure out how you are gonna dis the man who butters both sides of your bread? Oh sure he has to pay your for his child but how does that make her any different from the rest of his baby mamas? I dont know? Well okay she is on a VH1 show.

Rasheeda, she is a pretty woman. I dont have shit else to say about her cuz I aint never heard of her and I am a self proclaimed HIP HOP Head.

Karlie, This is the one dating LA Reid's son. How do you say.......user!!!!  

K. Michelle now this is about the only female on the show that I have some respect for because I heard her on a few mix tapes. I didnt really know her story before now but im glad she made it through and shes starting over.

Joseline, where the hell should I begin, she's a stripper. Shes got a plastic booty and plastic tits. I think she raps in Spanish and she is in love with Stevie J.

Erica, Lil Scrappy baby mama, not a smart woman in my opinion, aint shit without her weave. Nuff said.

Mama D, somebody done told this chick wrong as hell. A ex pimp and dope slinger, this bitch act like she worked her way through college waiting tables while taking care of two boys.

Lil Scrappy, okay he's a cutie, I dont see shit else about him. Nothing!

Stevie J, oh brother!

Shay Johnson, this chick 15 min of fame flame blew out after charm school, wtf is she doing on this show?

In conclusion, I feel that the original Love and HIP HOP is much classier even with Chrissy threatening to fuck a bitch up all the time. I have nothing against ATL, its like a second home to me but these chicks need a reality check. Cant wait for the reunion tho. I mean what will Erica say when she sees the show and Scrappy been all over Shay's ass? Or what will Mimi think when she sees Stevie drop Joseline off at , "the clinic". Well I guess we will see.


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