Beauty Beyond the Ass

Sunday, July 1, 2012

I've had it with men; or have I?

Well for once, Im not mad at myself or anyone else for not wanting to put up with another person's ways and actions. It can tend to be a bit much for some, and for others I guess they just want to be in a relationship. Which brings me to my point, I never used to believe a person when they said they were single by choice. I always thought that translated to, "I dont like anyone who likes me and the people I like dont like me". But now I see the true meaning of being single by choice because that is what I am. Sure I have dates, but it is strictly because I want to have a good time, not to lead to anything serious. At this point in my life I am honestly repulsed by the thought of a man being in my life and getting so, "comfy" with me that he does things like fart around me. Maybe this just means that I dont want anything like even remotly resembles what ive had in the past. Or maybe it means im getting to be set in my own ways. Whatever it is or whatever it means I am a happy girl.


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