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Monday, November 26, 2012

The Real Housewives of Atlanta....... Season 5 Episode 1

Oh my! I just watched this episode and all I can say is oh hell no!!
The producers of this show really know how to pick em! This season is gonna be just as loud, ghetto, and nasty as the last. One good thing that I've seen is NeNe and Greg getting back together. Yay!!👍

Okay now that the good stuff is out of the way lets get to the Tom Foolery which is all the rest of the ladies.
Kenya: BEAUTIFUL, video vixen, model, movie star and str8 up bitch!! One thing she isn't is a damn real housewife of Atlanta, but that's neither here nor there right? Anyway, I cannot believe her behavior at Cynthia's modeling school. Truth be told none of the women who came to the audition looked like any of the Jet beauty of the weeks that I've ever seen but like Cynthia said that's no reason to behave the way she did. Giving the looks that she was giving as these ladies walked the runway. SHAME ON YOU KENYA 👎 then she tried to clean it up at the end. But not before she sicked her personal security guard on the young man who tried to call her on her bullshit. Poor dude he was the only one who had the balls to try it. Lmao.. Damn Shame.
CYNTHIA: So in this episode we learned that her baby daddy Leon (actor) stays in her home when he is in town. And also that their daughter who is about 13 and who doesn't go to school and Cynthia doesn't make her go so I'm guessing she's home schooled. Leon and Cynthia's current hubby disagrees. Hell I disagree. Ya can't shield her from the world all her life boo. I think it's Cynthia who needs to grow up on this one.
KANDI: She's been with her man close to a year and they've been talking about kids and that's nice but she says she wants to name the baby Cash. To me that's country as hell but, to each his own. Kandi also bought a new foreclosure home and it's real fly. She invited Kim over and this barefoot and pregnant bitch didn't have shit nice to say just because she and Kandi do things differently.
KIM: pregnant again, still with her football player younger BF. To me she is a half assed mom. So why keep having babies? Oh yeah silly me, cash cow. Yeah that's the ticket.
PHAEDRA: This lady is classy and fly. This is why I don't understand why she hangs out with the rest of these chicks. She is trying to expand her mortician business to pets as well. Smart business woman. I think. But the preview to the whole season shows her hubby Apollo acting inappropriately with Kenya. We will see what happens with that.
NENE: Might be getting back with Greg and might be moving to LA to be closer to all these TV shows she's been landing. You go girl!!

Stay tuned to my blog to see me break this season down like no one else could. POW!!!!!

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